Ranse Gale was the bright spot in my project to put up a manufactured home. He not only took care of his part in determining specifications and ordering the home in a timely fashion, but also took up the slack left by the contractor. He made every effort to keep me informed of progress and to nudge the contractor into action at several points. He was always most pleasant and very conscientious. He truly understands the meaning of customer service.

Diane FreemanOwner

Dear Mr. Gale
I cant believe we are in our new home. From our first contact you have been there for every step in the purchase of our new home. Now as I look around at our brand new beautiful house, I cant believe what was accomplished in just eight months. We really want to thank you for all your guidance and advise. I don’t think we would have made it with out you.
Thanks again,

The Watson FamilyCory Joanne and Curtis

My wife and I are teachers in Lake County. We moved here from Sacramento a few years ago, and needed to replace my grandparent’s 30 year old mobile home with a new house. We chose a modular product because of the decreased time and cost along with a solid, positive reputation. We found Ranse Gale through his web site, and after a phone conversation, it was clear that he would be a good partner that would see us through the complete process.
Ranse helped us plan and secure financing. In these first steps, I was already glad to have someone experienced and helpful on my side. There were forms to fill out, permits to apply for, and people to talk with. Ranse took care of all this, and kept my wife and I up to date on the status of it all. Through the entire process, I never called Ranse to ask if there was any news- he called quickly whenever information became available.
One of the most helpful functions performed by Ranse was a liaison between the construction company and I. He also was the one I spoke with when there needed to be communication with the house factory, the electric company, the financing company, the local building offices, the gas company, and others that don’t excel at customer service. I don’t “speak their language” and (I’m certain) would be misunderstood or bothersome at times. The problems and stress that didn’t exist because of Rans’s help was invaluable.
We moved in to our new house about a month ago and are immensely pleased. We still talk with Ranse now and then- he checks in to make sure all is well. As with all major projects, there were difficulties and delays (Ranse, ever the optimist, called them “challenges”), and I am quite grateful for all the help, expertise, and support that Ranse provided.

Mr. & Mrs. GieseLake County

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Mr. & Mrs. McAnultyPine Grove, Calif

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Sharon BakerMariposa, CA