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Modular Homes

Environmentally Superior and Built in a Fraction of the Time of a Traditional Home, Modular Construction SAVES Time, Hassle and Waste.

Manufactured Homes

Also know as Prefab or Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes allow you to Bypass the Costly and Time consuming Permitting Processes. Mobile Homes are Green.   Single, double and triple available. 

All American Modular, LLC
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We handle Modular and Manufactured/Mobile Home Selection and SalesDesignAssembly, Foundation Work, Decks, Financing, Multi Family Homes and More!


“Making Dreams Come True one Home at a Time”.  Ranse Gale has been in the Housing Industry for over 19 Years and has Helped Hundreds of Families make their Dreams of Home Ownership a Reality.

Quality Modular Homes & Manufactured Homes for California at Affordable Prices.

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  • Built in 1/4 of the Time
  • All Types – Modern, Ranch, Etc.
  • Sustainable and Green Homes
  • Sourced from the Best Suppliers
  • Custom Work Available
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  • The Least Expensive New Home
  • Built to HUD Code
  • Sustainable and Green Homes
  • All California Models Available
  • Mobile Home Sales

See a Modular Home Built and Installed!


  • Built in Napa, Calfironia
  • 4 Week On Site construction
  • 3 BDr., 1800sf
  • Built by Skyline Homes
  • 9′ Ceilings, 3 Car Garage
  • Green Building
What is a Modular Home?
Modular homes are transported on flatbed trucks rather than being towed, and lack axles and a permanently attached frame typical of manufactured homes. Modular home roofs are usually transported as separate units. Modular homes are built to local code, so homes built in a given manufacturing facility may have differing construction standards depending on the final destination of the modules. Such homes are often priced substantially lower than their site-built counterparts and are typically more cost-effective to builders and consumers. Modular homes can be constructed in a fraction of the time it takes to build a home “on-site” and they’re built to higher standards as well. We offer modular homes that will meet your needs.
What is a Manufactured/Mobile Home?
Manufactured homes are built in factories, rather than on site. They are sometimes called prefab homes.  The manufactured home is then delivered and set up on your property. Manufactured homes are less expensive per square foot than site-built homes and are typically more cost-effective to builders and consumers. Manufactured homes can be constructed in a fraction of the time it takes to build a home “on-site” and they’re built to higher standards as well. There are different forms of manufactured homes such as single section, double section and triple sections. Single section homes are sixteen feet or less in width and can be transported to their site as a single unit. Double section homes are twenty feet wide or more and are transported to their site in two separate units, which are then joined together on site. Triple section homes are transported in three units and then joined together on site. Premier Manufactured Homes proudly sell’s Champion Home’s who is one of the world’s largest home builder.
What is the HUD code?
In the U.S., manufactured homes are regulated by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), via the Federal National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974. It is the national regulation that has allowed many manufacturers to distribute nationwide, since they are immune to the jurisdiction of local building authorities. By contrast producers of modular homes must abide by state and local building codes.
Can I get a modular or manufactured home that looks like a site built home?
Yes, manufactured and modular homes can look just like site-built homes. Garages are not included with our homes but they can be built on to your home after it has been set up. Our homes are built in a factory environment. While we may be limited on what exterior upgrades we can do when ordering the home, once the home arrives on site the sky is the limit. Contact your housing consultant for ideas and suggestions.
Community Service
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jdrf-modularAll American Modular donates a portion of our proceeds to JDRF and as a company we are committed to help with finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes.
fire relief from modular proceedsAny person who lost their home to a fire will receive a 10% discount on their home, $2,000 in free upgrades in their home and priority construction when they mention this Fire Relief Program.