Manufactured and Mobile Homes are your Best Value New Home

At All American Modular we offer every type of Manufactured Home that is provided in the California market today. Manufactured Homes are built to the HUD code and are the least expensive new home on the market. With hundreds of floor plans to choose from we have a layout and price range that will work for everyone.

Mobile Home Sales:
  • Full Site Construction
  • Permit Processing
  • Financing
  • Custom Garage, Decks, Driveways, Foundations and More!

A manufactured or prefab home is a home that is entirely constructed in a factory. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) certifies and oversees these homes. Supported by the sturdy steel chassis, the house is transported wholly to the building site. The steel chassis remains as it is hitched as the foundation of the home. Buyers often could not tell the difference between a manufactured home and a modular home. Modular homes are built in sections in a factory. These sections pass through a quality control, and then transferred to a building site where a contractor can piece the sections together to build a home.

Price Differential

The price of these homes is at a lower cost than those built from a site. Contractors have suppliers of building materials, interior materials, as well as appliances, which they buy by bulk, and thus are acquired at a lower cost. The cost of these homes is approximately 30% less than the price of a traditional site built home. Home designs are engineered and built to last that is why these homes need not have repairs. Contractors can also keep the price lower because their year round business and can use construction materials efficiently.


The affordability of these homes is anchored in the efficiency of making one. The assembly line technique reduces problems experienced in most on site building. Financing options gives buyers some leeway in terms of choosing a home that meets their budget. Many manufactured homes can be financed through an installment basis through a retail contract. Buyers can opt to avail a loan to buy their manufactured homes. Some agencies that provide these are the Federal Home Administration, and the Veteran’s Administration loans. Loans are easily approved as long as the home is built on a permanent site.

Permit Requirements

An installation permit is required once a homeowner either changes home locations, or place an onsite home. Some requirements for the permit would be the legal description of the property and tax assessor requirements. Permits are also asked for foundation and site plans must be in place to make sure both are not hazardous. A matrix for alterations may be needed for the following areas electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and structural alterations. Manufactured homes are becoming the best choice for most homeowners because these are built for quality, safety, and amenities are of high quality. These homes have become more convenient with the inflation that comes from buying an onsite home.

Manufactured Homes

To see a sampling of our Model Homes and Floorplans



Bedrooms --------------------- 3


Living Room ------------------- 1


Dining Room ------------------ 1


Kitchen ----------------------- 1


Parking Porch ----------------- 1


Bathtubs Facility -------------- 1


Laundry Room ---------------- 1

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