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Modular Home Construction

17 Jan 2017, by jason in Modular

Modular housing is currently growing faster than any other type of new-home construction. Modular homes are becoming increasingly popular as an economical and environmentally option for building your own home. They are also becoming increasingly known not only for their affordability, but for their exceptional building materials and construction methods. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently concluded that the quality of some modular manufactured homes was so high that they withstood heavy wind and storm damage better than their site-built counterparts.

Modular homes can be as simple or as elaborate as the buyer chooses, from simple to high-end, and can be chosen from an existing design or customized to your liking. Let’s look a little deeper into how our modular homes are built.

Modular Home Construction Technique

The manufacture of a modular home is a sterling example of efficiency and minimal waste. Custom floor plans or existing modular home (we have hundreds of standard designs) – designs are chosen by you, and then the process of getting your home to your building site begins.

Your modular home is manufactured on a state-of-the-art factory assembly line. Workstation by workstation, your modular home is completed to your specifications – without any weather delays or other hangups. Quality is assured every step of the way. Each workstation is equipped with everything need to quickly and expertly manufacture your home.

A manufactured home that is placed on a foundation is considered “real property” and will appreciate in value in the same way as a site-built home. This is an addition to generally costing significantly less to build!

Environmental Friendliness

The construction of a modular home is incredibly efficient. Using modern technologies to manufacture a home in a protected factory setting guarantees minimal material waste or loss due to weather, deterioration, or other factors. In addition, fuel use is reduced, since there is no need for supplies and workers to be transported to the construction site.

Our modular homes are manufactured using materials that have the low or zero emissions. These materials comply or exceed the strict regulations set by the state of California.

Modular homes appliances can be Energy Star certified. We offer tankless water heaters, solar system installation, and high efficiency HVAC systems as well. They also feature maximum insulation and insulated, sealed, and tested heating ducts and automatic thermostats. These features help protect your modular home from losing energy, and allow the energy that is expended to be used efficiently.

Modular Home Build Time

Modular homes are able to be built much more time-efficiently than site-built homes, which means the time you spend waiting to move in to your new home is greatly reduced. Our modular homes, on average, are built within 3-4 weeks. After it’s built, your new modular home will be delivered to your building site and rested on its foundation. For most build jobs, we will help arrange onsite work, including the initial installation, concrete work, utility hookup, or any other onsite work. New modular home owners normally move into their home within 3 to 4 months of ordering.


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